K-9 Logo 'Dream-Eaters'
by Matt Staggs
K-9 Cast

An ancient stone obelisk is unearthed by the Department, and an alien force is unleashed that literally starts inducing everyone to sleep and dram! Starkey, Darius and Jorjie face their worst nightmares, and Gryffen tries to find a way to communicate to the alien creature and stop the nightmares destroying all life on Earth. The Bodach feed on brainwaves and what better entrees that human nightmares!

John Leeson (K-9 [Voice]), Robert Moloney (Professor Gryffen), Keegan Joyce (StarKey), Philippa Coulthard (Jorgie), Daniel Webber (Darius), Robyn Moore (June Turner), Connor Van Vuuren (Drake), Jared Robinson (Thorne)

Directed by Daniel Nettheim
Produced by Penny Wall, Richard Stewart and Simon Barnes
Executive Producers Jim Howell, Grant Bradley and Steve Robbins
Created by Bob Baker and Paul Tams

TX (UK Disney XD):
24th April 2010 @ 4.00 pm

*Featuring K-9 MkI, Professor Gryffen, StarKey, Jorgie and Darius