Doctor Who Logo 'The Drostenís Curse'

by A. L. Kennedy
Jacket Illustration

Isnít life terrible? Isnít it all going to end in tears? Wonít it be good to just give up and let something else run my mind, my life?

Something distinctly odd is going on in Arbroath. It could be to do with golfers being dragged down into the bunkers at the Fetch Brothersí Golf Spa Hotel, never to be seen again. It might be related to the strange twin grandchildren of the equally strange Mrs Fetch Ė owner of the hotel and fascinated with octopuses. It could be the fact that people in the surrounding area suddenly know what others are thinking, without anyone saying a word.

Whatever it is, the Doctor is most at home when faced with the distinctly odd. With the help of Fetch Brothers' Junior Receptionist Bryony, heíll get to the bottom of things. Just so long as he does so in time to save Bryony from quite literally losing her mind, and the entire world from destruction.

Because something huge, ancient and alien lies hidden beneath the ground Ė and itís starting to wake upÖ

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor

*A BBBC Books novel

*This novel is an expanded / overly-padded version of the 'Time Trips' short story 'The Death Pit'

*Time-placing: The Doctor is travelling alone and makes a reference to K-9, so this story should occur between 'The Invasion of Time' and 'The Ribos Operation'