Dr. Who and the Daleks Logo 'Dr. Who and The Daleks'

Screenplay by Milton Subotsky
Jacket Illustration

Ian Chesterton is visiting his girlfriend, Barbara. Her grandfather, Dr Who, has just invented a time and space machine called TARDIS - Time and Relative Dimensions in Space - and he takes Ian, Barbara, and Barbara's sister Susan on a test flight. TARDIS brings the travellers to the planet Skaro, a world devastated by nuclear war. The travellers investigate a nearby city, and are captured by Daleks, evil mutants, encased in armoured travel machines. The Daleks are planning to wipe out the other inhabitants of the planet, the Thals, a race of pacifist and beautiful humanoids, by detonating a neutron bomb. The Doctor and his companions escape, and befriend the Thals, managing to convince them to fight for their survival. They launch two-pronged attack on the Dalek city, braving the many hazards of the planet that lie on the journey. The Daleks are all destroyed when, during the course of the fighting, their power source of static electricity is cut off.

Peter Cushing (Dr Who), Roy Castle (Ian), Jennie Linden (Barbara), Roberta Tovey (Susan), Barrie Ingham (Alydon), Micheal Coles (Ganatus), Yvonne Antrobus (Dyoni), Geoffrey Toone (Temmosus), John Bown (Antodus), Mark Petersen (Elyon); Ken Garady, Nicholas Head, Michael Lennox, Jack Waters, Virginia Tyler, Jane Lumb, Bruce Wells, Martin Grace, Sharon Young, Gary Wyler (Thals)*;Bruno Castagnoli, Micahel Dillon, Brian Hands, Robert Jewel, Kevin Manser, Eric McKay, Len Saunders, Gerald Tayler (Dalek Operators); Peter Hawkins, David Hawkins (Dalek Voice)

Produced by Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg
Directed by Gordon Flemyng

Based on the BBC Television Serial by Terry Nation

*Featuring Dr Who, Ian, Barbara and Susan

*Released in cinemas nationwide in 1965

*Running time: 79 minutes 06 seconds