Doctor Who Logo 'Dry Pilgrimage'
by Paul Leonard
and Nick Walters
Jacket Illustration

With the help of a new friend, Maeve Ruthven, Professor of Comparitive Religion, Bernice has managed to blag her way on to a free sea voyage. She's on board the pleasure cruiser Lorelei as it carries a group of Saraani on their way to consecrate a shrine in the southern ocean. And though it's a pilgrimage for most on board, Benny anticipates pure relaxation and the chance to explore the local sights.

Unfortunately, the Saraani won't allow alcohol on board. Suddenly, Bernice realises she's in for a far from relaxing time.

Other factors also conspire to ruin her holiday. Someone thinks the Saraani's belief in their own immortality is more than just superstition, rather the ultimate weapon. They are prepared to do anything for the prize and no one on the ship is safe. Someone is not who they appear to be and others are playing their own mysterious game. But who can Bernice trust, and who is prepared to kill for a dream? Indeed, as the pleasure yacht wends its way towards a fateful rendezvous, she must unmask a traitor or risk the system being torn apart by war.

*Featuring Benny

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel