Doctor Who Logo 'Empathy Games'
(2 Parts)

by Nigel Fairs
Jacket Illustration

The present: Leela is doomed, trapped inside a prison cell of a dead race.

The past: After a disaster aboard the TARDIS, the Doctor and Leela arrive at the capital city of Synchronis, a world renowned for peace and civility. But an attack by a vicious creature leaves the Doctor in a coma, and Leela is persuaded to fight in the forthcoming Empathy Games, where she discovers that nothing on this world is as it seems.

Two eras. One life. Ultimately, Leela must stand and face her fears...

Louise Jameson (Leela), David Warner (Co-ordinator Angell)

Directed by Nigel Fairs


*Featuring the Fourth Doctor and Leela

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Time-placing: the TARDIS control room is destroyed, placing this story immediately before 'The Invisible Enemy'