Doctor Who Logo 'The Emporium at the End'
(1 Part)

by Emma Reeves
Jacket Illustration

The wrong Doctor, the wrong universe, a whole heap of trouble Bernice Summerfield is having a really bad day.

The Last Song has been sung, and the final day of the universe have begun. Everyone flees to the gateway to find that The Emporium At The End is having a closing down sale.

Lisa Bowerman (Professor Bernice Summerfield), David Warner (The Doctor), Zeb Soanes (The Librarian), Guy Adams (The Sage of Sardner), Tom Webster (Acolyte Farnsworth), Rowena Cooper (Mother Superior), Alex Jordan (Mandeville / Kareem Cheif / Acolyte), Sophie Wu (Millie), Julie Graham (Prime Minister 470), Damian Lynch (Ego), Kerry Gooderson (Megatz), Deirdre Mullins (Fleet Admiral Effenish), George Blagden (Colonel Neave), Richard Earl (Gallario), Aaron Neil (Aramatz), Laura Doddington (Idratz), Lizzie Hopley (Sister Christie), Shvorne Marls (Ampz), Gus Brown (Forz), Scott Handcock (Elevator), 'Sam Kisgart' [Mark Gatiss] (The Master)

Directed by Scott Handcock


*Featuring Bernice and the 'Unbound' alternate Third Doctor

*A Big Finish 'The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield' adventure