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‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ was the latest offering from Paramount’s ‘Star Trek’ stable, and, chronologically speaking, also the first…

Set in the mid-Twenty-Second century, one hundred years or so before James T. Kirk, ‘Enterprise’ introduces us to the pioneering days of space exploration, when interstellar travel is in its infancy, and mankind is just beginning to stretch its wings and venture into the galaxy. The show explores the intergalactic upheaval that eventually leads to the forming of the Federation; being among the first to explore deep space, and charged with being the representatives of humanity, the crew of Enterprise will have to prove they are ready for life among the stars…

Enterprise is commanded by Captain Jonathan Archer, a physical and intensely curious explorer, aware of how important his mission is to the future of mankind; Science Officer / Sub Commander T'Pol, assigned to Enterprise by the Vulcan High Command; Chief Engineer Commander Charlie 'Trip' Tucker III, a Southerner with an offbeat sense of humour; Armoury Officer Lieutenant Malcolm Reed, a spit and polish, by-the-book ‘soldier’; Comm Officer Ensign Hoshi Sato, able to learn almost any language; Helmsman Ensign Travis Mayweather, a pilot brought up on cargo ships; and the alien Doctor Phlox in charge of medbay.

‘Enterprise’ provides a fresh take on established ‘Trek’-lore, providing viewers with a new way of looking at the future universe that they are so familiar with. It is also the first ‘Star Trek’ series to feature an on-going plot-line from the beginning, with a mysterious villain from the future working with a genetically-manipulative race, the Suliban, in a bid to alter the course of history…

Although the series took a while to find its feet, the change of direction that season three brought with it was a welcome and interesting development. However, the fourth season was to be the show's last: an announcement in February 2005 stated that, after just 98 episodes, the show was cancelled. However, in the official press release David Stapf, President of Paramount Network Television, went on to say "All of us at Paramount warmly bid goodbye to 'Enterprise', and we all look forward to a new chapter of this enduring franchise in the future." So there may still be life in Star Trek yet...

Note: The episode synopses featured are taken from the official UPN publicity releases.

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