Doctor Who Logo 'Evacuation Earth'

by Oli Smith
Jacket Illustration

This is your chance to be the Doctor and guide him and Amy Pond on a thrilling new adventure.

Arriving on Earth only hours before a Solar Storm is due to wipe out all life on the planet, the Doctor and his companion discover the last group of humans preparing to evacuate. No sooner have they arrived then the TARDIS disappears and they embark on a mission to recover it, encountering Silurians and Daleks along the way...

Starring the voices of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, this brand new official Doctor Who storyline includes over 100 puzzles, plus over 60 exciting locations to explore.

• Authentic Doctor Who story written by Doctor Who author Oli Smith
• Opportunity to guide the Doctor and Amy Pond through a colourful puzzle adventure
• Beautifully drawn characters to interact with and over 60 varied, colourful locations to explore
• Over 100 puzzles including 3 types of mini-games
• Features items to collect, use and combine to progress the story
• Fully recorded dialogue by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan throughout cut scenes

The story, as taken from the game booklet:

The adventure begins when the Doctor chooses to take Amy Pond to the Lake District, just before the cataclysmic solar storms are due to hit.

In the newly built Scraptown, set deep in the woods of the Lake District, a small society of humans have been building their own spaceship, the Lucy Gray. This spaceship will fly them away from the solar storms and to safety.

Before the Doctor and Amy can investigate further however, they hear a strange sound back where they parked the TARDIS. When they return, the TARDIS is gone!

The Doctor and Amy’s journey takes them off into space, aboard the cobbled together Lucy Gray in an effort to retrieve the Doctor’s TARDIS. However it soon becomes apparent that the Doctor and Amy aren’t the only hitchhikers on board…

Produced by Asylum Games UK Ltd.

Game Platform:
Nintendo DS

Release Date:
19th November 2010

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy

*Whilst this game may or may not be counted as canon, I am choosing to include it because it is officially BBC licensed, and features the voice talents of Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

*Players could also enhance their gaming experience with the aid of a sonic screwdriver-shaped DS stylus, as released by Blue Ocean Accessories!