Doctor Who Logo 'Eye of the Tyger'
by Paul McAuley
Jacket Illustration

Inhabiting a colony spaceship in the thirty second century are members of a religious cult that left Earth to find a world of their own. Their leader, Seraph, has downloaded his mind into the ship’s computers, but now he has gone silent, enticed and serenaded by a siren song coming from inside a black hole. Trapped in orbit around the void, Seraph’s followers are confused by his silence, and when the Doctor arrives with his friend Fyne seeking a cure to a raging Tyger-fever which has infected his companion, he finds a world on the brink of chaos.

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor

*A Telos Publishing 'Doctor Who Novella'

*Illustrated by Bryan Talbot, with a foreword by Neil Gaiman

*This novella was printed in three editions instead of two: the normal standard and deluxe editions, as well as a 'special' edition available onto to subscribers. The special edition features three additional art plates by Andrew Skilleter, Fred Gambino and Walter Howarth, a signature page signed by Paul McGann and a special slipcase.