Doctor Who Logo 'The Face of Evil'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '4Q'

by Chris Boucher
The Doctor

After the TARDIS materialises on a jungle planet, a savage tribe known as the Sevateem captures the Doctor. The tribe, who worship a god called Xoanon, is being plagued by attacks from vicious invisible creatures. After he survives the Test of the Horda, the Doctor gains the respect of the tribe, and befriends one of their hunters, a girl known as Leela. The Doctor discovers that the god Xoanon is in fact a computer from a crashed spaceship, which he attempted to repair many years ago, using his own brainwaves. Unfortunately, this drove it mad, by giving it a multiple personality, and the invisible creatures are manifestations of its psyche. Xoannon is attended by another tribe of humans, the Tesh, who are descended from the ship's original technicians, while the Sevateem are descended from the ship's survey team. The Doctor and Leela gain access to the ship, and the Doctor erases the multiple personalities from the computer, restoring its sanity, and leaving it in control once more. Leela decides to join the Doctor in the TARDIS.

Tom Baker (Doctor Who / Voice of Xoannon), Louise Jameson (Leela), David Garfield (Neeva), Victor Lucas (Andor), Brendan Price (Tomas), Leslie Schofield (Calib), Colin Thomas (Sole), Lloyd McGuire (Lugo); Tom Kelly, Brett Forrest (Guards); Rob Edwards, Pamela Salem, Anthony Frieze, Roy Herrick (Xoanon); Leon Eagles (Jabel), Mike Elles (Gentek), Peter Baldock (Acolyte)

Produced by Philip Hinchcliffe
Directed by Pennant Roberts

Part 1 - 1st January, 1977 @ 6.20pm - 6.45pm
Part 2 - 8th January, 1977 @ 6.30pm - 6.55pm
Part 3 - 15th January, 1977 @ 6.20pm - 6.45pm
Part 4 - 22nd January, 1977 @ 6.20pm - 6.45pm

*Featuring the Fourth Doctor and introducing Leela

*Working titles: 'The Tower of Imelo' and 'The Day God Went Mad'