Doctor Who Logo 'Fallen Gods'
by Jonathan Blum
and Kate Orman
Jacket Illustration

In ancient Akrotiri, a young girl is learning mysteries from a tutor who, quite literally, fell from the skies. With his encouragement, she can fly and surf the timestreams and see something of the future. But then the demons come. Death and disaster are meted out by the gods of her land. Perhaps retribution for some heinous crime... or something far more sinister?

*Featuring the Eighth Doctor

*A Telos Publishing 'Doctor Who Novella'

*Time-lacing: a tricky one this, as the Doctor is noted as only having one heartbeat, is aware that he has outlived his own home planet and is responsible for the loss of countless lives, and also mentions having companions waiting for him in the TARDIS. Taking into account the story arcs running through this period in the BBC novels, placing this around the time of 'History 101' seems as good a place as any.