Doctor Who Logo 'Four to Doomsday'
(4 Parts)
Story Code '5W'

by Terrance Dudley
The Doctor

The TARDIS materialises aboard a gigantic spacecraft, where the Doctor, Tegan, Adric and Nyssa meet the frog-like Urbankans, Enlightenment and Persuasion, and their leader, Monarch. They also meet humans taken from various ages in Earth's past - Bigon, a Greek; Lin Futu from China; Kurkutji, an Aborigine; and a Mayan, Villagra. Monarch has been travelling between Earth and Urbanka for many centuries, taking aboard members of the most intelligent race on the planet at that time to accompany him on his return voyage. The humans stage Recreationals, displays of their dance and rituals, as entertainment for the Urbankan leader. The Doctor discovers that not only are the humans actually android copies of the original people, but also that Monarch exhausted his planet's resources, leaving it a dead world, in his pursuit of a mad dream. He believes himself to be God, and has been travelling to Earth to plunder its mineral wealth to aid his scheme to travel back in time to witness himself creating the universe, in order to gain proof of his godhood. Monarch now plans to commit genocide, by wiping out the population of the Earth with a virulent poison, so that he can populate the planet with the three billion Urbankans whose memories are stored aboard the ship on silicon chips. The Doctor, his companions and the humanoid androids work together to stop Monarch's plans, and Enlightenment and Persuasion, revealed also to be androids, are deactivated. The Doctor takes the virus to analyse in the TARDIS, but when Monarch confronts him and his companions, the Time Lord throws the canister at him. Still flesh and blood, Monarch is destroyed; the time travellers leave Bigon and the other androids to find another world on which to settle. However, aboard the TARDIS, Nyssa collapses...

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Stratford Johns (Monarch), Paul Shelley (Persuasion), Annie Lambert (Enlightenment), Philip Locke (Bigon), Burt Kwouk (Lin Futu), Illarrio Bisi Pedro (Kurkutji), Nadia Hammam (Princess Villagra)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by John Black

Part 1 - 18th January, 1982 @ 6.55pm - 7.20pm
Part 2 - 19th January, 1982 @ 7.05pm - 7.30pm
Part 3 - 25th January, 1982 @ 6.55pm - 7.20pm
Part 4 - 26th January, 1982 @ 7.05pm - 7.30pm

*Featuring the Fifth Doctor, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan

*Working title: 'Day of Wrath'