Futurama Logo 'Attack of the Killer App!'

by Patrick M. Verrone
Futurama Cast


The ‘Planet Express’ crew are taken in by the latest fad: the ‘eyePhone’, a high-tech social networking device from MomCorp that also doubles as a phone. Obsessed with ‘Twitting’, Bender and Fry make a bet to see who can get the most followers – the winner gets a dollar, while the loser has to bathe in a vat of goat’s vomit and diarrhoea. With Bender in a clear lead, Fry uploads a recording of Leela’s singing butt-boil, Susan, sending his rating through the roof, but hurting Leela in the process. However, the gang are unaware that the ‘eyePhone’ is part of Mom’s latest evil scheme to take over the world: by transmitting a ‘TwitWorm’ to all ‘eyePhone’ users, Mom will be able to transform humanity into an army of zombies under her control…

Billy West (Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth / Doctor John Zoidberg / eyePhone Commercial Announcer / Spokesman), John Di Maggio (Bender [Bender Bending Rodriguez / Bending Unit 22] / Flexo / Igner / Sal / Mr. Chunks / Third World Alien #2 / Cashier), Katey Sagal (Captain Turanga Leela), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong / Calculon's Nephew / Third World Alien Children), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad / Third World Alien #1), David Herman (Larry / Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer / Scruffy / Ben Beeler / Sal's Friend / Infosquito / Real Housewives Announcer), Maurice LaMarche (Walt / Morbo / Scoop Chang / Calculon / Overly Complicated Japanese Toilet / 'Hey, fatso, stuffa your face!'), Tress MacNeille (Mom / Monique / Outdated Cell Phone / Real Housewife), Craig Ferguson (Susan Boil)

Directed by Stephen Sandoval
Produced by Claudia Katz and Lee Supercinski
Executive Producers David X. Cohen and Matt Groening

TX (US): 1st July 2010

*Featuring Philip J. Fry, Bender, Captain Turanga Leela, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, Amy Wong and Hermes Conrad