Futurama Logo 'Proposition Infinity'

by Michael Rowe
Futurama Cast

Dictated But Not Read

When Bender gets arrested for his stealth graffiti and sent to Will Riker’s Island, he calls on Amy to bail him out. Unfortunately, this upsets Kif, who is already having issues with his relationship with Amy, and he dumps her. Single again, Amy ends up sleeping with Bender, and the two fall in love. All goes well until the Professor Farnsworth learns of his employees’ relationship: disapproving of their Robosexuality: he arranges for Amy’s parents to drag her back home, and for the Robot Church to send Bender to ‘Camp Rectifier’ to atone for his sins...

Billy West (Philip J. Fry / Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth / Doctor John Zoidberg / Smitty / Leo Wong / Wine Bucket / Radio D.J.), John Di Maggio (Bender [Bender Bending Rodriguez / Bending Unit 22] / URL / Hermaphrobot / Gay Man / Bad Boy / Ad Man #1), Katey Sagal (Captain Turanga Leela), Lauren Tom (Amy Wong / Inez Wong), Phil LaMarr (Hermes Conrad / Reverend Preacherbot / Todd / Hot Dog Stand Robot), Tress MacNeille (Linda / Forbidden Planet Hollywood Security Guard / Ad Woman), Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroker / Morbo / The Hyperchicken / Hedonismbot / Clock / Larry the Murder Burglar / Lassie's Head / Ghost), David Herman (Roberto / Fatbot / Jim / Gay Robot / Ad Man #2), George Takei (Himself)

Directed by Crystal Chesney-Thompson
Produced by Claudia Katz and Lee Supercinski
Executive Producers David X. Cohen and Matt Groening

TX (US): 8th July 2010

*Featuring Philip J. Fry, Bender, Captain Turanga Leela, Professor Hubert Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, Amy Wong and Hermes Conrad