The Sarah Jane Adventures Logo 'The Glittering Storm'
by Steve Cole
Jacket Illustration

Sarah Jane and her friends investigate a mysterious clinic, in a thrilling new adventure read by Elisabeth Sladen.

When Sarah Jane disturbs a burglar in the night, she is surprised to find a middle-aged woman, her pockets stuffed with jewellery, demanding gold. The next day she reads a newspaper story about a granny who broke into a jewellers, and then Maria reports that a woman has been stealing rings and necklaces from the girls’ changing room at school.

All the women had recently attended the Auriga Clinic, a private health centre specialising in treating muscular aches and pains. Is there a link between the clinic and the odd behaviour of its patients?

Sarah Jane decides to find out, but she soon discovers that the clinic’s agenda is more sinister than she could ever have imagined…

*Featuring Sarah Jane Smith, Maria, Luke, Clyde and Mr Smith

*Working title: 'The Golden Storm'

*This audio story was read by Elisabeth Sladen, and released on 5th November 2007