The Goodies Logo 'Caught in the Act'

by Graeme Garden
and Bill Oddie
with Tim Brooke-Taylor
The Goodies

When the Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs, a gossipy woman named Prudence, asks the Goodies for help with a delicate matter, Tim nips outside to a phone box to pretend that he is the team’s female consultant. Reassured that her problem is in good hands, Prudence explains that she needs to retrieve some compromising photos of herself and a waiter, taken while at the ‘Playgirl Club’. After Bill and Graeme press-gang Tim into going undercover dressed as a woman, Tim enjoys his time amongst the gorgeous girls in the club so much that he refuses to leave. After three weeks Bill and Graeme decide to go in after their friend – but the only way to do that is to disguise themselves as ‘Wolf’ waiters…

Spoof Advertisements: ‘Omar Khayyam Hospital’, ‘Goodies Sliced Butter’ and ‘Goodies Extra Hard Bread Cutter’

Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Bill Oddie (Bill), Mollie Sugden (Prudence, the Minister for Trade and Domestic Affairs), Liz Fraser (’The Heffer’, the ‘Playgirl Club’ Manager), Bert Simms, Ericka Crowne, Pauline Devaney, Queenie Watts and Ernest Jenkins

Directed by Jim Franklin
Produced by John Howard-Davies
Music by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs

TX (BBC 2):
15th November 1970

*Featuring Tim, Graeme and Bill

*Alternative title: 'Love the Police' or 'Police Public Image'