The Goodies Logo 'Cunning Stunts'

by Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Bill Oddie
and Graeme Garden
The Goodies

As chief editor of the new ‘Goodies Clarion and Globe’ newspaper, Tim sends Bill out as his ace reporter; but Bill just wanders around aimlessly in a daydream, missing all the top stories happening around him. Bill is preoccupied because he is hopelessly in love with Mildred Makepeace, whose father, Sir Joshua Makepeace, is offering his daughter’s hand in marriage to the person who can make him laugh. With Tim and Graeme’s encouragement Bill has a go at entertaining Sir Joshua, but unfortunately he only succeeds in offending him. Giving up on their friend, Tim and Graeme fire Bill and put out an advert for his replacement. Bill is distraught and goes to say goodbye to Mildred, but when Sir Joshua hears his story, he immediately starts laughing. Bill is overjoyed, believing he can now marry Mildred – until he learns that she has run away from home. Returning to the office, Bill is dismayed to learn that he has now been replaced: by none other than Mildred. Spurned by the love of his life, Bill decides to end it all by taking part in the highly-dangerous Eurovision Raving Loony Contest…

Bill Oddie (Bill), Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Tessa Wyatt (Mildred Makepeace), Roland MacLeod (Sir Joshua Makepeace), Karin MacCarthy

Produced and Directed by Jim Franklin
Music by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs

TX (BBC 2):
14th April 1974

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme

*Alternative title: 'Fleet Street Goodies'