The Goodies Logo 'The End'

by Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Bill Oddie
and Graeme Garden
The Goodies

When Graeme is hired by property millionaire Harry Highrise to design his new Kew Gardens Redevelopment Scheme, he fills the space with high-rise blocks of solid, windowless concrete designed to deter any squatters. Tim is furious, and is about to write a letter of complaint to the queen when he, Bill and Graeme discover that their office has just been encased in a three hundred and fifty-foot block of concrete. The Goodies’ only hope of rescue lies with the Ministry of Works, but their men are all busy building roads and going on strike, and won’t be free for the next six months. As ‘Release Day’ finally arrives, a very drunk and stir-crazy Tim, Bill and Graeme are dismayed to learn that the nation has since fallen into poverty, the BBC has been closed down, and all building works have been cancelled. With no sign of rescue, the Goodies go loony: over the next seventy years they break into social classes, get religion, contemplate eating Bill, eat all the furniture instead, and then start hallucinating…

Bill Oddie (Bill), Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Sheila Steafel (The Queen [Voice]), Corbet Woodall (Newsreader)

Produced and Directed by Jim Franklin
Music by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs

TX (BBC 2):
5th May 1974

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme

*Alternative title: 'Encased in Concrete'