The Goodies Logo 'Kitten Kong'

by Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Bill Oddie
and Graeme Garden
The Goodies

Learning that Bill is making good money for babysitting a malnourished guinea-pig, Graeme and Tim seize the opportunity to set up the ‘Goodies Animal Clinic’. Tim and Bill set about collecting the local residents’ loony animals, quickly amassing a mad menagerie of crazy cats, daffy dogs, giant snakes, a clingy bush baby and even a vampire bat. Taking a shine to an undersized twenty-three year-old kitten named Twinkle, Graeme decides to feed it his special growth mixture – and in just four days the pussy matures into an enormous monster. After Bill stupidly puts the cat out one night, Twinkle goes on a rampage across London, destroying everything in his path and terrifying the city’s population. As the Post Office Tower and St. Paul’s Cathedral fall under the giant kitten’s might, the Goodies realise it is up to them to find a way to catch the mighty moggy…

Spoof Advertisements: ‘Robinson’s Paper – The Strong One’ and ‘Butch Tobacco For Men’

Bill Oddie (Bill), Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Corbet Woodall (Newsreader), Milton Reid (Bodyguard)

Produced and Directed by Jim Franklin
Music by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs

TX (BBC 2):
12th November 1971

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme

*This episode was later re-edited with extra scenes for the BBC's entry in the 1972 Montreux Festival; sadly, the original version no longer exists in the BBC's archives.