The Goodies Logo 'The Music Lovers'

by Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Bill Oddie
and Graeme Garden
The Goodies

The Goodies’ enjoyment of an open air concert in the park is spoilt when masked heavies storm the stage and kidnap the string quartet. All across the country, other musicians are being stolen (including the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Northern Light Orchestra – even Rolf Harris!), forcing all the concert halls to become discotheques. Determined to catch the culprit, the Goodies decide to become famous musicians so that they can be stolen too – the only flaw being that they can’t play anything. After hastily teaching themselves to play a number of instruments, Tim, Bill and Graeme give a rendition of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’; their efforts pay off and a gang of hoods breaks in… but they only steal the Goodies’ female backing singers. In desperation Tim, Bill and Graeme form ‘The Philharmonic Rock and Roll Glee Club’ and hold a music festival in Hackney Marshes, and after a week of no-one turning up to watch they are finally kidnapped. The intrepid trio are taken to a country mansion, where they finally meet the villain behind the thefts: the self-proclaimed ‘Music Master’, M.J. Coggleton, a disgruntled ex-record producer out for revenge on the music industry; with every musician now his prisoner, the Music Master’s mad plan to become the only person able to produce records is about to come true…

Spoof Advertisements: ‘Beanz Meanz Heanz’ and ‘Baldiclenz Ink Remover’

Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Bill Oddie (Bill), Norman Mitchell (Gerald), Henry McGee (M.J. Coggleton ['The Music Master']), Cilla Black (Herself ), Maria O'Brien, Patrick Milner, Walter Henry, Ken Haliwell and Katya Wyeth

Produced and Directed by Jim Franklin
Music by Bill Oddie and Michael Gibbs

TX (BBC 2):
29th October 1971

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme

*Alternative titles: 'The Music Master' and 'The Stolen Musicians'