The Goodies Logo 'Punky Business'

by Graeme Garden
and Bill Oddie
The Goodies

Bill, Graeme and Tim give a performance as ‘The Little Laddies’ at a tea room, only to be booed off by the audience of old grannies. Deciding to change their image, they go on the road (literally!) to find out what’s ‘in’, but get arrested by the police for traffic obstruction. Although the trio’s music proves a hit with constabulary, Bill decides to go it alone, changing his name to Willy Snot to break into punk rock. As the nation goes punk crazy, Tim gives a demonstration to keep Britain clean and decent – only to get beaten up by punk police. Realising he is out of touch, Tim takes his girlfriend, music journalist Caroline Kook, to dinner to ask for her help; however, the restaurant has gone punk under Graeme’s new management, and Tim just ends up wearing the revolting food on offer. Tim is about to give up and go punk too when Caroline tells him that it will go out of fashion the next week, after the next music style is found at the ‘Trendsetter’s Ball’. Tim decides to go to the Ball too, but is stopped by Bill, who makes him stay at home and do the housework instead. However, Graeme comes to Tim’s rescue as his ‘Fairy Punkmother’ – with the aid of a pumpkin, some rats and some lizards, Tim gets a makeover and goes to the Ball as ‘Punkarella’…

Bill Oddie (Bill), Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Jane Asher (Caroline Kook), Ronnie Brody (Chamberlain), Vicki Michelle (Nurse), Selina Ingram (Page Boy), Roland MacLeod (Bill Grumpy), James Muir (Policeman), Norman Bacon (Policeman), Barney Carroll (Policeman), Eddie Davies (Policeman), Michael Barratt (Himself [‘Nationwide’ Presenter]), Frank Thornton (Toastmaster), Ernie Goodyear (Policeman)

Produced and Directed by Bob Spiers
Music by Bill Oddie and Dave McRae

TX (BBC 2):
29th November 1977

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme

*Alternative titles: 'Rock Goodies' and 'Punkerella'