The Goodies Logo 'Snow White 2'

by Graeme Garden
and Bill Oddie
The Goodies

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the pantomime…”

Snow White leaves the cottage she shares with the Seven Dwarves in favour of a life of luxury with the principal-boy prince of her dreams. Now out of work, and with two of their number dead from boredom and one eaten by a goldfish, the Dwarves advertise for replacements; desperate for a job, Graeme, Tim and Bill apply, and all goes well until the Chief Dwarf finally twigs that the new recruits are not what they claim to be. Fired from their jobs, the Goodies set out into the wide, wide world to seek their fortunes in London; however, after some ‘helpful’ directions from their Fairy Godmother, they get lost in Battersea Park. They then get captured by a gang of princesses, who take them back to their castle and put them to work doing all the household chores. Tired and worn out from waiting on the selfish princesses, as well as performing all the song-and-dance routines, the Goodies soon find themselves thrown from the highest tower of the castle and onto the scrap heap. Sharing their lot with all the other men in Panto-kingdom, Graeme, Bill and Tim stir up a revolution to storm the castle and teach the sexist princesses a lesson…

Bill Oddie (Bill), Tim Brooke-Taylor (Tim), Graeme Garden (Graeme), Richard Briers (Narrator), Annette Lyons (Snow White), Syd Wright (Xylophone Payer), David Rappaport (Chief Dwarf), Rusty Goffe (Dwarf), Jackie Purvis (Dwarf), Gerald Stadden (Dwarf), John Ghavan (Dwarf), Tony Friel (Dwarf), Mike Edmonds (Dwarf), Kenny Baker (Dwarf), Peter Burroughs (Dwarf), George Claydon (Dwarf), Mike Cottrel (Dwarf), Malcolm Dixon (Dwarf), Jacki Barron (Princess), Caroline Dillon (Princess), Jane Firth (Princess), Carol Forbes (Princess), Jackie Hall (Princess), Nola Haynes (Princess), Chrissie Kendall (Princess), Chrissy Monk (Princess), Wanda Rokicki (Princess), Jane Winchester (Princess)

Produced and Directed by Bob Spiers
Executive Producer David Bell
Music by Bill Oddie and Dave McRae

27th December 1981

*Featuring Tim, Bill and Graeme *Alternative title: 'Pantomime'

*This episode was shown as a Christmas special