Doctor Who Logo 'The Green Death'
(6 Parts)
Story Code 'TTT'

by Robert Sloman
The Doctor

While the Doctor travels to Metebelis III, and encounters the hostile flora and fauna of the supposedly beautiful planet, UNIT is called in to the Welsh village of Llanfairfach, to investigate the death of a miner whose skin is glowing bright green. Jo joins up with the Nuthutch, a local environmental group led by the young Professor Clifford Jones, while the Doctor, now returned from his trip, investigates the nearby Global Chemicals refinery. It transpires that the mine workings are full of giant maggots and green slime, both of which are lethal to the touch, and which have been produced by chemical waste illegally pumped into the mines by the chemical plant. Stevens, the director of Global Chemicals, refuses to talk to UNIT about the situation, as he has been taken over by BOSS - Bimorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor - a computer with a mind of its own. BOSS plans to seize power by linking itself to the world's computers, but the Doctor uses a blue crystal taken from Metebelis III to break BOSS's control over Stevens, who then reprogrammes it to self-destruct. The maggots are now on the point of pupating into giant flies, but are destroyed by a type of fungus found by Professor Jones and Jo. Jo has fallen in love with the professor, and decides to leave UNIT in order to marry him, and accompany him on an expedition to the Amazon. The Doctor gives her the blue crystal as an early wedding present.

Jon Pertwee (Dr. Who), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart), Jerome Willis (Stevens), Stewart Bevan (Clifford Jones), Tony Adams (Elgin), Ben Howard (Hinks), Mostyn Evans(Dai Evans), Talfryn Thomas (Dave), Roy Evans (Bert), Mitzi McKenzie (Nancy), Ray Handy (Milkman), John Scott Martin (Hughes) , John Rolfe (Fell), John Dearth (Boss's Voice), Richard Beale (Minister of Ecology), Richard Franklin (Captain Mike Yates), John Levene (Sergeant Benton), Jean Burgess (Cleaner), Brian Justice (Yates' Guard), Terry Walsh (Guard); Roy Skelton (James)

Produced by Barry Letts
Directed by Michael Briant

Part 1 - 19th May, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 2 - 26th May, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 3 - 2nd June, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 4 - 9th June, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 5 - 16th June, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
Part 6 - 23rd June, 1973 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm

*Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier and UNIT