Doctor Who Logo 'The Gunfighters'
(4 Parts)
Story Code 'Z'

by Donald Cotton
The Doctor

The Doctor and his companions arrive in the Wild West, in the Town of Tombstone, on October 25th 1881. The Doctor has hurt himself on a sweet given to him by Cyril, one of the thralls of the entity known as the Toymaker. He decides to visit the local dentist, who turns out to be Doc Holliday, a gunman engaged in a feud with the Clanton family. The Doctor, Steven and Dodo survive a lynch mob, and come to the attention of the local law enforcers, Wyatt Earp and Ben Masterson. Avoiding various dangers, the time travellers witness the famous gunfight at the OK Corral, in which Holliday, Earp and Earp's brother Virgil kills the Clanton brothers and their gunslinger, Johnny Ringo.

Hartnell (Dr Who), Peter Purves (Steven), Jackie Lane (Dodo), William Hurndall (Ike Clanton), Maurice Good (Phineas Clanton), David Cole (Billy Clanton), Sheena Marshe (Kate), Shane Rimmer (eth Harper), David Graham (Charlie), John Alderson (Wyatt Earp), Anthony Jacobs (Doc Holliday), Richard Beale (Bat Masterson), Reed de Rouen (Pa Clanton), Laurence Payne (Johnny Ringo), Martyn Huntley (Warren Earp), Victor Carin (Virgil Earp)

Produced by Innes Lloyd
Directed by Rex Tucker

'A Holiday for the Doctor' - 30th April, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
'Don't Shoot the Pianist' - 7th May, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm
'Johnny Ringo' - 14th May, 1966 @ 5.55pm - 6.20pm
'The O.K. Corral' - 21st May, 1966 @ 5.50pm - 6.15pm

*Featuring the First Doctor, Steven and Dodo

*Working title: 'The Gunslingers'