Doctor Who Logo 'Happy Endings'
by Paul Cornell
Jacket Illustration

'Doctor, this is my fiance. Please don't kill him.'

You are cordially invited to the wedding of Mr Jason Kane and Professor Bernice S. Summerfield, to be held in the village of Cheldon Bonniface in the year 2010.

If everything works out, that is. Between rows, fights and pre-emptive divorce proceedings, there may not be a wedding at all. Especially if there really is someone who wants to prevent it happening.

Everybody's coming: from Ice Warriors to UNIT veterans, a flirtatious Ace to a suspicious Hamlet Macbeth - and a very confused trio of Isley Brothers. The Doctor has to organize a buffet, Roz has a mystery to solve, and Chris has a girlfriend who used to be the Timewyrm.

*Featuring the Seventh Doctor, Benny, Jason, Ros, Chris, Ace (Dorothée) and the Brigadier

*A Virgin Books 'New Adventures' novel

*The original, unused cover to the novel:

Unused Jacket Illustration