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Story Code: '415'
by Rob Fresco
Heroes Cast

Noah persuades Matt to join him in his search for Samuel, and together they track down the carnie leader’s lover, Vanessa Wheeler… Lydia decides to recruit Peter as the carnies’ ‘new Joseph’… In order to rescue Mohinder, Ando has Hiro committed to the Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital… Peter discovers that he and Emma are connected by Samuel’s compasses… Noah and Matt fail to prevent Samuel from taking Vanessa… Angela warns Peter that Emma will commit mass murder…

Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Robert Knepper (Samuel Sullivan), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), James Kyson-Lee (Ando Masahashi), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray / Sylar), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), Deanne Bray (Emma Coolidge), Kate Vernon (Vanessa Wheeler), Deanne Bray (Emma Coolidge), Dawn Olivieri (Lydia), Todd Stashwick (Eli), Lisa Lackey (Janice Parkman), Elisabeth Rohm (Lauren Gilmore), Sasha Pieterse (Amanda Strazzulla), John Gerbin (Burly Orderly), Reed Baron (Baby Matt Parkman 1), Quin Baron (Baby Matt Parkman 2), Erin Pickett (Musician with Trumpet), Frank Scozzari (Muscian)*

Directed by Roxxann Dawson
Produced by Lori Motyer
Executive Producers Adam Armus, Jim Chory, Kay Foster, Dennis Hammer and Tim Kring
Created by Tim Kring

TX (US - Sci-Fi Channel):
11th January 2010

*Featuring Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Peter Petrelli, Matt Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, Ando Masahashi and Mohinder Suresh