Heroes Logo 'Dying of the Light'

Story Code: '306'
by Chuck Kim
and Christopher Zatta
Heroes Cast

Hiro uses his time manipulation power to fake Ando’s death, ensuring his induction into the Pinehearst fold; Hiro’s next mission is to recruit Usutu in Africa, but the precognitive sees him coming – again and again… Claire and Sandra set off to rescue Meredith from the manipulative clutches of Eric Doyle, but the evil puppeteer easily captures them and transforms them into his playthings… Knox takes Adam to meet Pinehearst’s founder – allowing Arthur Patrelli to absorb his powers and restore himself to full health… Nathan and Tracy enlist Mohinder's help in finding out their origin; however, the scientist has other plans, consigning them to a fate as his next victims… Daphne frees Sylar from Level 5, and he in turn frees Peter; the brothers go looking for the comatose Angela, and then have a violent disagreement… Daphne meets Matt and his turtle spirit-guide, and learns that they may have a future together… Peter storms into Pinehearst and makes a shocking discovery…

Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Ali Larter (Tracy Strauss), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Gerg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Zachary Quinto ( Gabriel Gray / Sylar), Dania Ramirez (Maya Herrera), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), Ntare Mwine (Usutu), Blake Shields (Flint), David Anders (Adam Monroe), Alan Blumenfeld (Maury Parkman), Ashley Crow (Sandra Bennet), Jessalyn Gilsig (Meredith Gordon), David H. Lawrence XVII (Eric Doyle), Jamie Hector (Benjamin 'Knox' Washington), Brea Grant (Daphne Millbrook), Malcolm McDowell (Daniel Linderman), Ron Perkins (Doctor), Mark Vanselow (Neighbor), Robert Forster (Arthur Petrelli), Matt Wiese (Milosh)

Directed by Daniel Attias
Produced by Aron Eli Coleite, Cathy Mickel Gibson and Lori Motyer
Executive Producers Tim Kring, Dennis Hammer and Allan Arkush
Created by Tim Kring

TX (US - Sci-Fi Channel):
20th October 2008

*Featuring Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Tracy Strauss and Mohinder Suresh