Heroes Logo 'Fight Or Flight'

Story Code: '205'
by Joy Blake
and Melissa Blake
Heroes Cast

Matt sets off to find his father, Maury, who has left Molly in a coma… A dangerous woman arrives in Cork looking for Peter… Matt and Nathan arrive at Maury’s apartment in Philadelphia, but when they try to question the man, he uses his mind powers to imprison them inside their own private nightmares…Ando turns to a professional restorer for help in reading Hiro’s message from the past; he learns that his friend is busy helping Kensei and Yaeko fulfil their destinies in Seventeenth-Century Feudal Japan, as the three of them face the army of a fearsome warrior known as White Beard… Taking Molly to the medical facilities at the Company, Mohinder is just in time to save Bob from being murdered by Jessica… Micah helps Monica test her ‘Copycat’ powers… Peter decides to discover his past by opening his box; Caitlin is shocked when he then uses his powers to paint a prophetic picture; meanwhile, her brother, Ricky, is killed trying to protect Peter from the mysterious woman… Wresting control from Jessica, Nicky asks the Company for help with her multiple personality disorder… Matt and Nathan battle their nightmares – unaware that they are actually fighting each other…

Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Ali Larter (Niki Sanders), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah Sanders), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Gerg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), Dania Ramirez (Maya Herrera), Shalim Ortiz (Alejandro Herrera), Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), David Anders (Takezo Kensei), Kristen Bell (Elle), Dana Davis (Monica Dawson), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian), Alan Blumenfeld (Maury Parkman), Holt McCallany (Ricky), Erico Tamura (Yaeko), Lisa [Elizabeth] Lackey (Janice Parkman), Katie Carr (Caitlin), Jeanette Brox (Camille), Adair Tishler (Molly Walker), Nichelle Nichols (Nana Dawson), Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob), Dominic Keating (Will), Adetokumboh M'Cormack (Tuko), Jonathan T. Floyd (Officer Landry), Mio Takada (Curator), James Storm (Fitzpatrick), Laivan Greene (Braces), Christopher Guyton (Guard)

Directed by Lesli Glatter
Produced by Aron Eli Coleite, Cathy Mickel Gibson and Lori Motyer
Executive Producers Tim Kring, Dennis Hammer and Allan Arkush
Created by Tim Kring

TX (US - Sci-Fi Channel):
22nd October 2007

*Featuring Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Niki Sanders, Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, Mohinder Suresh, Molly Walker, Maya Herreras and Alejandro Herreras