Heroes Logo 'The Hard Part'

Story Code: '121'
by Aron Eli Coleite
Heroes Cast

Hiro and Ando return to the present on their mission to kill Sylar… Peter is now drawing pictures of the apocalyptic future... Matt, Ted and Mr Bennet travel to New York to destroy the Company’s Special detection system… Learning that he is destined to destroy New York, Sylar begins to question the path he has taken; seeking validation for his actions, he visits his mother in Queens, but their reunion soon ends in tragedy… Peter and Claire visit Nathan’s election campaign headquarters, only to discover that him conspiring with Thompson from Primatech… D.L. learns from Jessica that Mr Linderman has taken Micah; breaking into the businessman’s offices, they find that Linderman has big plans for the boy’s special powers… Thompson introduces Mohinder to a young girl named Molly, who apparently holds the key to stopping Sylar; however, the child is dying from a rare virus – the same disease that killed Mohinder’s sister… Micah tries unsuccessfully to escape from Candice… Hiro has doubts that he can kill Sylar, until he learns that the murderer kills Ando; but when Hiro finally confronts Sylar, the killer easily fends off his attack and breaks the mystic sword, and Hiro only just manages to teleport himself and Ando to safety… Peter and Claire are reunited with Mr Bennet, Matt and Ted – but then Peter involuntarily begins absorbing the exploding man’s power…

Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Ali Larter (Niki Sanders / Jessica Sanders), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah Sanders), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Gerg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), Leonard Roberts (D.L. Hawkins), Jack Coleman (Mr. Bennet), Adair Tishler (Molly Walker), James Kyson Lee (Ando Masahashi), Eric Roberts (Thompson), Zachary Quinto (Sylar), Missy Peregrym (Candice Wilmer), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), Jackson Wurth (Monty Petrelli), Geno Monteiro (Petrelli Aide), Justin Evans (Simon Petrelli), Matthew John Armstrong (Ted Sprague), Rena Sofer (Heidi Petrelli), Ellen Greene (Virginia Gray)

Directed by John Badham
Produced by Jim Chory
Executive Producers Tim Kring, Dennis Hammer and Allan Arkush
Created by Tim Kring

TX (Us - Sci-Fi Channel):
7th May 2007

*Featuring Peter Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli, Niki Sanders, Micah Sanders, Claire Bennet, Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh