Heroes Logo 'Saving Charlie'

by Aury Wallington
Jacket Illustration

The Untold Story of Hiro and Charlie

Saving Charlie is an official HEROES novel from author Aury Wallington, written with the full cooperation and consultation of the show's creators! Based on characters created by Tim Kring this is the untold story of Hiro and Charlie.

Hiro Nakamura possesses the remarkable power to control time. And like his uniquely blessed comrades, he’s on a mission for the good of humankind. But another challenge awaits him: saving the love of his life from an unspeakable death. Charlene “Charlie” Andrews is the big-hearted, small-town beauty whose sunny smile and sweet soul knocked the shy Hiro head over heels. But when Charlie’s young life is snuffed out by a grisly serial killer, their budding romance is brutally cut short.

Or is it? Thanks to his astounding newfound skill, Hiro has the means to do what no tragedy-stricken lover in history ever could–turn back time. And no matter how raw his abilities, or how many twists of circumstance conspire to foil him, he vows to deliver Charlie from the evil poised to claim her. He will be her hero.

But what possible consequences might changing the past visit upon the future? How could saving one cherished life affect millions of others? And what ultimate choice will Hiro make when the power of fate rests in his hands?

Del Rey

Release date:
26th December 2007

*Featuring Hiro Nakamura