Heroes Logo 'The Wall'

Story Code: '418'
by Adam Armus
and Kay Foster
Heroes Cast

In a bid to save Sylar, Peter finds himself trapped inside his enemy’s mind, in a deserted representation of New York; in order to escape the two must forge an uneasy alliance… Lauren turns to Emma for help in rescuing Noah, but the woman betrays her to Samuel… Now a prisoner of Samuel and the carnies, Claire is forced to watch as secrets from Noah’s past are revealed – including the tragedy behind the loss of his first wife and unborn child…

Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet), Robert Knepper (Samuel Sullivan), Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura), James Kyson-Lee (Ando Masahashi), Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Zachary Quinto (Gabriel Gray / Sylar), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Ali Larter (Tracy Strauss), Ashley Crow (Sandra), Madeline Zima (Gretchen Berg), Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian), Deanne Bray (Emma Coolidge), Elisabeth Rohm (Lauren Gilmore), Todd Stashwick (Eli), Sherri Saum (Kate Bennet), Stephen Monroe Taylor (Richard), Eric Roberts (Eric Thompson, Sr.), Harry Perry (Damian), Kenneth Colom (Billie), Meghan McCaig (Sadie), Justin Dray (Uniformed Man), Gregory Hoyt (Young Man), Heather Christine (Young Man's Wife)

Directed by Allan Arkush
Produced by Lori Motyer
Executive Producers Adam Armus, Jim Chory, Kay Foster, Dennis Hammer and Tim Kring
Created by Tim Kring

TX (US - Sci-Fi Channel):
1st February 2010

*Featuring Claire Bennet, Noah Bennet, Peter Patrelli, Hiro Nakamura and Ando Masahashi