Doctor Who Logo 'Hunter's Moon'

by Paul Finch
Jacket Illustration

A game that can only end in death...

ĎThere's no end to the horror in this place - it's like Hell, and there are devils round every corner.í

On Leisure Platform 9 gamblers and villains mix with socialites and celebrities. Itís a place where you wonít want to win the wrong game.

With Rory kidnapped by a brutal crime lord, the Doctor and Amy infiltrate a deadly contest where fugitives become the hunted. But how long before they realise the Doctor isnít a vicious mercenary and discover what Amy is up to? Itís a game that can only end in death, and time for everyone is running outÖ

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory

*A BBC Books 'Eleventh Doctor Adventures' novel