Doctor Who Logo 'In the Blood'

by Jenny T. Colgan
Jacket illustration

They feed on your anger. They need your despair.

‘So many people out there, Doctor. Wanting so many things. Wanting, wanting, wanting. Terrible things they want. Terrible things. And they get so cross. So angry, so frustrated when the don’t get what they want.’

‘Time-trapped Trolls,’ Donna read. ‘That’s not a very nice headline.’

‘They keep finding dead people who were… prominent on the internet. And the papers seem to think it’s funny.’

When internet trolls start to drop dead, the Doctor thinks there might be more to it than just a sedentary lifestyle and high blood pressure.

From the backstreets of South Korea to the jungles of Brazil, the Doctor and Donna follow the leads until they find the source of this online infection. But they aren’t the only ones interested in these sudden deaths at the computer screen, or what’s causing them.

Before long the Doctor and Donna are fighting for their lives – and the lives of everyone else on planet Earth who uses the internet. Including people very dear to Donna…

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna

*Release Date: May 2016

*A BBC Books 'Tenth Doctor Adventures' novel

*Time-placing: Donna's reference to Lee as her last husband places this story just after the television episode 'Forest of the Dead', but prior to the events of 'Death and the Queen'; the return of Gully places it after the audio adventure 'Time Reaver'