Doctor Who Logo 'The Infernal Nexus'
by Dave Stone
Jacket Illustration

Acting on an abstruse tip-off from the reknowned paraphysiologist Dr Rupert Gilhooly (a man who, like, knows a lot of stuff) one Bernice Summerfield has found herself on a probe-ship heading deep into the Problematic Heart of the galaxy - not knowing what, or quite who, she might find.

What she finds is Station Control. A place that exists, simultaniously, in four hundred and seventeen dimensions, a brawling, souk-like Nexus between every world that can, or has or ever will be. And one of those dimensions is Hell.

Bernice knows nothing of the rivalries and power-plays going on here. So she blunders right into them and makes a complete hash of everything, natch. And one of the particular whoms she finds, quite frankly, what with one thing and another, she could quite well do without. In her current state.

But sometimes the unlikely actually happens. And one thing that's very, very unlikely is that Benny will suddenly find herself to be a member of the opposite gender!

*Featuring Benny and Jason

*A Big Finish 'The Adventures of Bernice Summerfield' novel