Totally Doctor Who Logo 'The Infinite Quest'
(13 Parts)

by Alan Barnes
The Doctor and Martha

The Doctor and his assistant Martha follow a trail of clues across wild and wonderful alien worlds, to find the location of the legendary lost spaceship, the Infinite...

David Tennant (The Doctor [Voice]), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones [Voice]), Anthony Head (Baltazar - Scourge of the Galaxy [Voice]), Toby Longworth (Caw / Squawk), Liza Tarbuck (Captain Kaliko), Tom Farrelly (Swabb), Lizzie Hopley (Mantasphid Queen), Paul Clayton (Mergrass), Steve Meo (Pilot Kelvin), Barney Harwood (Control Voice), Stephen Grief (Gurney), Dan Morgan (Locke / Warders)

Produced and directed by Gary Russell
Executive Producers Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner
Animated by Firestep for BBC Wales

Part 1 - 2nd April 2007 - BBC 1
The Doctor and Martha meet the evil Baltazar. To stop him destroying planet Earth, they rust away his star ship. At the last minute, the Doctor manages to free Baltazar’s huge metallic bird, Caw, who carries Baltazar away. The Doctor and Martha think their troubles with Baltazar are all over, but are they?

Part 2 - 13th April 2007 - BBC 1
Caw takes the Doctor and Martha to his home planet, where he gives Martha a brooch, and sends them on a quest for the location of the Infinite – the oldest secret in the universe. As the Doctor heads off looking for the first datachip, we discover Caw is really working for Baltazar!

Part 3 - 20th April 2007 - BBC 1
Having been sent on a quest to find a series of datachips that’ll lead to the wreck of the Infinite, a huge spaceship that can grant people their heart’s desire, the Doctor and Martha find themselves on the planet Boukan where the pirate captain, Kaliko, is raiding the living oil rigs they find there. Kaliko tells her crew of skeletons to throw the Doctor and Martha overboard…

Part 4 - 27th April 2007 - BBC 1
On their quest to find the Infinite before the evil Baltazar can, the Doctor is on Boukan, where the pirate Kaliko holds the datachip he needs to help build up a map. Kaliko thinks the Doctor and Martha are spies for the oil companies, but the real spy is her first mate, Swabb, who has called on the living oil rigs to attack Kaliko’s ship, the Black Gold

Part 5 - 4th May 2007 - BBC 1
The Doctor crashes the Black Gold. Kaliko makes her escape, but her pod is brought down. The Doctor and Martha find the datachip on her body. The chip sends them to the planet Myarr. Hoping to find the datachip before their old foe Baltazar can, the Doctor and Martha are suddenly attacked by a swarm of huge flying bugs...

Part 6 - 11th May 2007 - BBC 1
Although they realise that the gun-runner Mergrass has the datachip they need to stop the evil Baltazar finding the wreck of the spaceship, the Infinite, the Doctor and Martha can’t get it from him. Mergrass is supplying guns to the Mantasphids that live on the planet Myarr to fight off the invaders who are attacking them. The Mantasphid Queen captures an attacking pilot, which in turn, seems to want to hurt the Doctor...

Part 7 - 25th May 2007 - BBC 1
Trapped on the planet Myarr during their search for the datachips that’ll lead them to the starship Infinite before the would-be galactic destroyer Baltazar can find it, the Doctor and Martha discover that the planet used to belong to human colonists and it is the Mantasphid Queen and her people who are the invaders. However, they are all trapped now as the humans have ordered a massive missile strike guaranteed to wipe them all off the face of the planet for good...

Part 8 - 1st June 2007 - BBC 1
The quest for the datachips that will lead them to the Infinite has brought the Doctor and Martha to the ice prison planet Volag-Noc. There the villainous Baltazar was once held prisoner and now they must locate the third datachip from one of his old cellmates, but the Doctor seems to have been filed as a prisoner, and has been dragged down into the prison itself…

Part 9 - 8th June 2007 - BBC 1
The search for the Infinite is nearly over. The final datachip is held by Gurney, an old acquaintance of the evil Baltazar who wants the ship as it will give him his heart’s desire – a means to destroy Earth and rule the galaxy. The Doctor has been jailed on the prison planet of Volag-Noc, sharing his cell with a the ex-Governor, a robot called Locke. Martha has met up with Gurney – who is pretending to be the prison governor. They are trapped in Gurney’s office, as something is smashing its way in...

Part 10 - 15th June 2007 - BBC 1
The Doctor deactivates the deranged robot governor and restores order to the prison planet of Volag-Noc. Martha and the villainous Gurney are trapped on the planet’s icy surface as Baltazar makes his return, swooping down from the sky.

Part 11 - 22nd June 2007 - BBC 1
Gurney kills Caw, Baltazar’s metal bird. The despot finishes off Gurney and collects the last datachip – revealing that Martha’s brooch is actually Sqwak, Baltazar’s child. Baltazar takes control of the TARDIS – he has got the map he needed the Doctor and Martha to find, a map that shows him where he can find the Infinite, a starship from the dawn of time that will give him his heart’s desire. With the co-ordinates set, he no longer needs the Doctor...

Part 12 - 29th June 2007 - BBC 2
Martha and Baltazar arrive on the Infinite – a lost ship that can grant you your heart’s desire. Martha is trapped in the bottom of the Infinite, facing a fake version of her best friend, the Doctor, who is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, the real Doctor is searching for her, while the villainous Baltazar, scourge of the galaxy waits for the chance to steal the Infinite’s power to grant your heart’s desire...

Part 13 - 30th June 2007 - BBC 2
After rebuilding Squawk, the Doctor is finally reunited with Martha aboard the Infinite. However, he is too late to prevent Baltazar from using the ship’s power to grant his heart’s desire: conjuring up a huge treasure trove, the villain plans to buy a massive warfleet to destroy first the Doctor and Martha, and then the entire universe – thereby ensuring that he becomes the scourge of the galaxy once more…

*Featuring the Tenth Doctor and Martha

*This animated story was shown in twelve three-minute episodes within 'Totally Doctor Who'; because there were only twelve editions of 'Totally', viewers only got to see the ending of the story when it was subsequently shown in its entirety in a compilation episode transmitted on Saturday 30th June, at 10.30 am on BBC 2

(An Interesting Fact from Clive: my son, Tom, was mentioned in show 12 of series 1 of 'Totally Doctor Who', for making and sending in some Ood and Cyberman cookies. Presenter Barney then ate them all. Tom even got sent a 'Totally Doctor Who' mug, which was nice!)