Doctor Who Logo 'The Inforarium'

by Stephen Moffat
The Doctor

At the Inforarium, the greatest store of illicit information in recorded history, an archivist discovers a data breach and sounds the alarm. To his surprise this triggers a recorded holographic message from the Doctor: the Time Lord disapproves of the Inforarium selling information to the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans, particularly as he is trying to erase all record of himself, and so has ensured that any information gleaned from the Inforarium’s data banks will immediately be forgotten by the user, a trick he learnt from the Silence. The archivist doesn’t believe the Doctor’s claims – until he turns away, and promptly forgets all about him. Rediscovering the data breach, the archivist sounds the alarm; to his surprise he triggers a recorded holographic message from the Doctor...

Matt Smith (The Doctor)

Executive producer Steven Moffat

*Featuring the Eleventh Doctor

*This two-minute scene was released on the Season 33 [7] DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets