Doctor Who Logo 'Inside the Spaceship'
(2 Parts)
Story Code 'C'

by Terry Nation
Jacket Illustration

In an attempt to return Ian and Barbara to 1963, the Doctor uses a new combination of instruments on the TARDIS's central console, and a large explosion knocks them to the floor. As they slowly recover, the Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara all seem to be acting very oddly. Several unexplained events occur, such as clocks melting and the ship's door opening of their own accord, and the Doctor accuses the two schoolteachers of sabotage, first suspecting them of blackmail, and then that the ship has been invaded by an alien force. It gradually dawns on the travellers that what they have been experiencing is an attempt by the TARDIS itself to warn them of something. The Doctor realises that the ship's 'Fast Return' switch is stuck, and that they are hurtling back to the Big Bang. The fault is corrected and the TARDIS returns to normal.

William Hartnell (Dr Who), William Russell (Ian Chesterton), Jacqueline Hill (Barbara Wright), Carole Ann Ford (Susan Foreman)

Produced by Verity Lambert
Directed by Richard Martin
(Part 1) and Frank Cox (Part 2)

'The Edge of Destruction' - 8th February, 1964 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm
'The Brink of Disaster' - 15th February, 1964 @ 5.15pm - 5.40pm

*Featuring the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan

*Working title: 'In the Spaceship'

*Also known collectively as 'The Edge of Destruction'