Doctor Who Logo 'Jago & Litefoot & Strax':
'The Haunting'

(2 Parts)

by Justin Richards
Jacket Illustration

Strax, the Sontaran butler to Victorian investigator Vastra and her wife Jenny, suffers a disorienting attack and mistakes the two Victorian investigators Jago & Litefoot for Jenny and Vastra and moves into Litefoot’s home. Together, they are on the trail of a creature that is stealing brains, which may or may not be linked to a haunted house in London...

Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot), Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Dan Starkey (Strax), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Conrad Asquith (Inspector Quick), Stephen Critchlow (Marvo), Caroline Seymour (Mrs Multravers)

Directed by Lisa Bowerman


*Featuring Henry Gordon Jago, Professor George Litefoot and Strax

*A Big Finish Audio Production