Joe 90 Logo 'Business Holiday'
by Tony Barwick
Joe 90 in the BIG RAT

While Mac and Joe make preparations for a much-needed break, Borovan forces take over an evacuated World Army Base. Realising that the Borovan threat must be quickly neutralised Sam plans to give Joe the brain patterns of an Army Colonel and then send the boy in to destroy the base. However, Mac insists that his son remain with him on holiday…

Len Jones (Joe McClaine), Rupert Davies (Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine), Keith Alexander (Sam Loover / Lieutenant / Assistant), David Healy (Shane Weston / Major), Shane Rimmer (Colonel Henderson / Taxi Driver), Sylvia Anderson (Clerk)

Directed by Alan Perry
Produced by David Lane
Executive Producer Reg Hill
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
December 29th, 1968

*Featuring Joe 'Joe 90' McClaine, Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine, Sam Loover and Shane Weston