Joe 90 Logo 'Hi-Jacked'
by Tony Barwick
Joe 90 in the BIG RAT

While investigating the activities of an unscrupulous gun-runner named Mario Colletti, W.I.N. agent Ed Johnson is badly wounded. Using the B.I.G. R.A.T. computer, Joe is given Johnson's brain patterns and sent to infiltrate Colletti's hide-out by hiding inside a packing crate. However, Joe is quickly discovered, and in the resulting shoot-out he loses his special glasses…

Len Jones (Joe McClaine), Rupert Davies (Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine), Keith Alexander (Sam Loover / Gregson / Radio), David Healy (Mario Colletti / Police Radio), Martin King ( Ed Johnson / Davis / Carter / Policeman)

Directed by Alan Perry
Produced by David Lane
Executive Producer Reg Hill
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
October 20th, 1968

*Featuring Joe 'Joe 90' McClaine, Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine and Sam Loover