Joe 90 Logo 'Operation McClaine'
by Gerry Anderson
and Dave Lane
Joe 90 in the BIG RAT

Unless renowned author Maurice Estoral receives a delicate brain operation, he will die. However, the only neurosurgeon capable of performing such a procedure is Doctor Kados - and he has been badly injured in a plane crash. Armed with the doctorís brain patterns, can Joe successfully carry out the operation in time..?

Len Jones (Joe McClaine), Rupert Davies (Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine), Keith Alexander (Sam Loover / Doctor Sherman / Maurice Estoral), Jeremy Wilkin (Doctor Blakemore / Nurse John / Tannoy), David Healy (Doctor Emil Kados), Sylvia Anderson (Nurse Linda / Stewardess / Nurse)

Directed by Ken Turner
Produced by David Lane
Executive Producer Reg Hill
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
December 15th, 1968

*Featuring Joe 'Joe 90' McClaine, Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine and Sam Loover