Joe 90 Logo 'The Professional'
by Donald James
Joe 90 in the BIG RAT

The World Intelligence Network is assigned the task of tracing funds misappropriated from the Kramer Foundation. Learning that eight million dollars in stolen gold bullion is now being stored in General Heppel’s high security vault located beneath his heavily-guarded castle, Sam gives Joe the brain patterns of a convicted safe-breaker and then sets the young lad to work...

Len Jones (Joe McClaine), Rupert Davies (Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine), Keith Alexander (Sam Loover / Scientist), David Healy (Shane Weston), Jeremy Wilkin (General Heppel / Henry George Summerfield / 2nd Guard), Gary Files (Hugo Waddington / Engineer / 1st Guard / Warder)

Directed by Leo Eaton
Produced by David Lane
Executive Producer Reg Hill
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
January 26th, 1969

*Featuring Joe 'Joe 90' McClaine, Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine, Sam Loover and Shane Weston