Joe 90 Logo 'Test Flight'
by Donald James
Joe 90 in the BIG RAT

An enemy agent sabotages the test flight of the new Orbital Glide Transport, causing the craft to crash onto the launch control building. The flight controller is trapped inside, along with some vital monitoring equipment, and both will be destroyed if the Transport’s rocket fuel ignites. Joe takes on the brain patterns of two experts – in computers and demolitions – in order to save the day...

Len Jones (Joe McClaine), Rupert Davies (Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine), Keith Alexander (Sam Loover / Engineer / 1st Operator), David Healy (Shane Weston / 3rd Operator), Jeremy Wilkin (Brad Johnson / Countdown), Gary Files (Doctor Slade / 2nd Operator)

Directed by Peter Anderson
Produced by David Lane
Executive Producer Reg Hill
Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson

UK (ATV Midlands):
April 6th, 1969

*Featuring Joe 'Joe 90' McClaine, Professor Ian 'Mac' McClaine, Sam Loover and Shane Weston

*Working title: 'Mission X-14'