Doctor Who Logo 'Key 2 Time'
'The Judgement of Isskar'

(4 Parts)

by Simon Guerrier
Jacket Illustration

A new adventure in time and space for the Fifth Doctor and his new companion, Amy as they search for the Key to Time.

On a planet where Time stands still, the Doctor meets a woman who is just a few minutes old. She is a Tracer, sent into our Universe by her makers to locate the six segments of the Key to Time. This being without a name wants the Doctor to be her assistant, but she doesn’t tell him the whole truth. Not at first.

Their first port of call is Mars, where a society that one day will become Ice Warriors lives in peace and civility. But the Doctor’s arrival will change all that. The universe is dying, a choice must be made, and the Judgement of Isskar will be declared.

The price must be paid - even if it takes centuries…

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Ciara Janson (Amy), Laura Doddington (Zara), Nicholas Briggs (Isskar), Raquel Cassidy (Mesca), Andrew Jones (Harmonious 14 Zink), Heather Wright (Wembik), Jeremy James (Thetris / Ice Warrior), Nicholas Briggs (Lord Izdal / Ice Warrior)

Directed by Jason Haigh-Ellery

*Featuring the the Fifth Doctor, and introducing Amy

*A Big Finish Audio Production

*Part one of the three-part 'Key 2 Time' miniseries

*Time-placing: between 'Planet of Fire' and 'The Caves of Androzani'