Doctor Who Logo 'Judoon in Chains'
(4 Parts)

by Simon Barnard
and Paul Morris
Jacket Illustration

The Sixth Doctor is no stranger to courtroom drama, but faces a very different challenge when he prepares to defend a most unusual Judoon.

After an environmental clearance mission goes wrong, Captain Kybo of the Nineteenth Judoon Interplantary Force is stranded in Victorian England, bound in chains, an exhibit in a circus show. But he has allies: Eliza Jenkins – known to audiences as ‘Thomasina Thumb’ – and the larger-than-life ‘clown’ in the colourful coat.

Uncovering a trail of injustice and corruption, the Doctor and Kybo soon find themselves on trial for their lives…

Colin Baker (The Doctor), Nicholas Briggs (Captain Kybo), Kiruna Stamell (Eliza Jenkins), Trevor Cooper (Jonathan Jaggers Esq.), Tony Millan (Justice Burrows / Jonty), Sabina Franklyn (Herculania), Nicholas Pegg (Business Owner)

Directed by Barnaby Edwards

*Featuring the the Sixth Doctor

*A Big Finish Audio Production