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'A Girl's Best Friend'

by Terence Dudley
Jacket Illustration

Sarah travels to Moreton Harwood to visit her aunt Lavinia for Christmas, but finds that she has not yet returned from a lecture in America. She meets Brendan, her aunt's ward, together with Lily Gregson, owner of the local post office, and Commander Pollock, a retired Navy man who is Lavinia's partner in a market garden shop. Sarah finds a cardboard box waiting for her at her aunt's house, which contains K-9 Mk III, a gift to Sarah from her old friend, the Doctor. Brendan is kidnapped by a cult of witches, who plan to sacrifice him at midnight to the goddess Hecate, in order to stop their crops from failing. Sarah and K-9 track down the witches, who are revealed to be most of the local villagers, and unmask the High Priest and Priestess - Lily Gregson and Commander Pollock.

Elizabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), John Leeson (Voice of K9), Colin Jeavons (George Tracey), Bill Fraser (Bill Pollock), Nigel Gregory (Vince Wilson), Sean Chapman (Peter Tracey), Mary Wimbush (Aunt Lavinia), Ian Sears (Brendan), Linda Polan (Juno Baker), Neville Barber (Howard Baker), John Quarmby (Henry Tobias), Gillian Martell (Lilly Gregson), Stephen Oxley (P.C. Carter)
Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by John Black

'A Girl's Best Friend' - 28th December, 1981 @ 5.45pm-6.35pm

*Featuring K-9 Mk III and Sarah Jane Smith

*Working title: Sarah and K9, 'One Girl and Her Dog'