Doctor Who Logo 'K9 and the Time Trap'

by Dave Martin
Jacket Illustration

The entire Seventh Fleet has disappeared. The Commander says it is impossible. K-9 says that is only because the human mind cannot understand it. At just under the speed of light, he takes off across the deep starless gulf between the galaxies on another dangerous mission. He uses a battlecruiser as his bait but first he must find the trap...

Release Date:
20th October 1980

*Featuring K-9 MkI

*A Sparrow Books Novel

*Time-placing: K-9 is working for the Time Lords, suggesting this takes place after the events of 'The Invasion of Time'

*This story was later released as an audio book by Explore Multimedia in November 2013, narrated by John Leeson, the original voice of K-9