King of the Castle Logo 'King of the Castle'

by Bob Baker
and Dave Martin
Roland Wright

They say your school years are the happiest time of your life, but for young Roland Wright, this is far from true… Roland has just moved into a flat in a depressingly gloomy tower block; his father and step-mother are constantly nagging him; his schoolteacher and headmaster have coerced him into giving a solo performance in the choir against his will; and bully named Ripper is making his life a misery. To cope with his situation, Roland withdraws into a fantasy world of his own creation. Attacked by Ripper and his gang on the stairs of the tower block, Roland tries to escape; avoiding the police officers called in to deal with the situation, he dives into a lift marked ‘Out of Order’, but when he presses the controls, the lift goes wildly out of control, plummeting down the shaft and sending Roland down into the murky depths below… Here Roland finds himself trapped in the dungeon of ‘The Castle’, a nightmare version of the tower block filled with macabre, twisted versions of his peers; his only way out is to recover a set of missing keys, which will enable him to become ‘The King of the Castle’. But Roland’s quest is a difficult one, and after many bizarre adventures the 'dirty rascals' put him on trial in a bizarre courtroom. Will Roland ever get back home again..?

Philip DaCosta (Roland Anthony Wright), Talfryn Thomas (Vine / Vein), Angela Richards (June / Lady), Derek Smith (Voss / Voysey), Milton Johns (Hawker / Ergon), Sean Lynch (Ron / Lord), Edward Dentith (Sergeant Tarr / Governor), Jamie Foreman (Ripper / Warrior), Georgina Kean (Betty / Beattie), Majelia Dennehy (Della / Delta), Kevin Hudson (Alf / Alfie), Patrick Durkin (1st Engineer / Chef), David Trevena (2nd Engineer / Souschef), Paul Nicholson (P.C. Briggs / Guard), Fulton Mackay (Spurgeon / Hawkspur)

Directed by Peter Hammond, Terry Harding and Leonard White
Produced by Leonard White
Executive Producer Patrick Dromgoole

TX (HTV West):
Part 1 – 8th May 1977
Part 2 – 15th May 1977
Part 3 – 22nd May 1977
Part 4 – 29th May 1977
Part 5 – 5th June 1977
Part 6 – 12th June 1977
Part 7 – 19th June 1977

*Introducing Roland Wright