Doctor Who Logo 'The King's Demons'
(2 Parts)
Story Code '6J'

by Terence Dudley
The Doctor

The TARDIS lands in England, on the 4th March 1215, in the middle of a joust held in the honour of King John. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough are welcomed by the monarch, who names them his 'demons'. However, the King and his Champion, Sir Gilles Estram, are behaving very hostile toward Baron Ranulf and his family. The Doctor discovers that the King is in reality a shape-shifting android known as Kamelion, who is under the power of the Master, disguised as Sir Giles Estram. The Master used Kamelion to escape from Xeraphas, and now plans to use the android to discredit the King by making him act unfavourably towards his barons, turning them against him and preventing their signing of the Magna Carta, an act that will irrevocably alter the course of history. The Doctor and the Master engage in a battle of wills in an attempt to gain psychic control over Kamelion. The Doctor wins, putting an end to the Master's villainy. The renegade escapes in his TARDIS, unaware that the Doctor has used the Master's own weapon to disrupt his ship's dimensional controls. The Doctor, Tegan and Turlough leave in the TARDIS with a new crewmember, Kamelion.

Peter Davison (The Doctor), Janet Fielding (Tegan), Mark Strickson (Turlough), Anthony Ainley (The Master), Frank Windsor (Ranulf), Gerald Flood (King John / Voice of Kamelion), Isla Blair (Isabella), Christopher Villiers (Hugh), Michael J. Jackson (Sir Geoffrey), Peter Burroughs (Jester)

Produced by John Nathan-Turner
Directed by Tony Virgo

Part 1 - 15th March, 1983 @ 6.55pm - 7.20pm
Part 2 - 16th March, 1983 @ 6.45pm - 7.10pm

*Featuring the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough, and introducing Kamelion

*Working titles: 'A Knight's Tale', 'The Android', 'The Demons' and 'The Demon's Keeper'