Knight Rider Logo

Season 1 Logo.

Title TX Date Story Code Info
Pilot - Knight of the Phoenix 26th September 1982 57375 & 57376 US TX
Double-length episode
Deadly Maneuvers 1st October 1982 57305 US TX
Good Day at White Rock 8th October 1982 57303 US TX
Slammin' Sammy's Stunt Show Spectacular 22nd October 1982 57315 US TX
Just My Bill 29th October 1982 57311 US TX
Not a Drop To Drink 5th November 1982 57304 US TX
No Big Thing 12th November 1982 57313 US TX
Trust Doesn't Rust 19th November 1982 57307 US TX
Inside Out 26th November 1982 57302 US TX
The Final Verdict 3rd December 1982 57316 US TX
A Plush Ride 10th December 1982 57306 US TX
Forget Me Not 17th December 1982 57312 US TX
Hearts of Stone 14th January 1983 57322 US TX
Give Me Liberty... Or Give Me Death 21st January 1983 57323 US TX
The Topaz Connection 28th January 1983 57321 US TX
A Nice, Indecent Little Town 18th February 1983 57317 US TX
Chariot of Gold 25th February 1983 57326 US TX
White Bird 4th March 1983 57330 US TX
Knight Moves 11th March 1983 57332 US TX
Nobody Does It Better 29th March 1983 57331 US TX
Short Notice 6th May 1983 57336 US TX

Season 2 Logo.

Title TX Date Story Code Info
Goliath 2nd October 1983 57875 & 57876 US TX
Double-length episode
Brother's Keeper 9th October 1983 57805 US TX
Merchants of Death 16th October 1983 57807 US TX
Blind Spot 23rd October 1983 57809 US TX
Return To Cadiz 30th October 1983 57801 US TX
K.I.T.T. the Cat 6th November 1983 57824 US TX
Custom K.I.T.T. 13th November 1983 57821 US TX
Soul Survivor 27th November 1983 57829 US TX
Ring of Fire 4th December 1983 57810 US TX
Knightmares 11th December 1983 57830 US TX
Silent Knight 18th December 1983 57817 US TX
A Knight in Shining Armor 8th January 1984 57832 US TX
Diamonds Aren't a Girl's Best Friend 15th January 1984 57833 US TX
White-Line Warriors 29th January 1984 57828 US TX
Race For Life 5th February 1984 57826 US TX
Speed Demons 12th February 1984 57837 US TX
Goliath Returns 19th February 1984 57879 & 57880 US TX
Double-length episode
A Good Knight's Work 4th March 1984 57840 US TX
Mouth of the Snake [a.k.a. All That Glitters] 8th April 1984 57877 & 57878 US TX
Double-length episode
Let It Be Me 13th May 1984 57834 US TX
Big Iron 27th May 1984 60275 & 60276 US TX
Double-length episode

Season 3 Logo.

Title TX Date Story Code Info
Knight of the Drones 30th September 1984 58675 & 57676 US TX
Double-length episode
The Ice Bandits 7th October 1984 58603 US TX
Knights of the Fast Lane 14th October 1984 58601 US TX
Halloween Knight 28th October 1984 58624 US TX
K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R. 4th November 1984 58617 US TX
The Rotten Apples 11th November 1984 58611 US TX
Knight in Disgrace 18th November 1984 58622 US TX
Dead of Knight 2nd December 1984 58607 US TX
Lost Knight 9th December 1984 58619 US TX
Knight of the Chameleon 30th December 1984 58631 US TX
Custom Made Killer 6th January 1985 58640 US TX
Knight By a Nose 13th January 1985 58604 US TX
Junk Yard Dog 3rd February 1985 58641 US TX
Buy Out 10th February 1985 58643 US TX
Knightlines 3rd March 1985 58644 US TX
The Nineteenth Hole 10th March 1985 58627 US TX
Knight & Knerd 17th March 1985 58630 US TX
Ten Wheel Trouble 24th March 1985 58645 US TX
Knight in Retreat 29th March 1985 58642 US TX
Knight Strike 5th April 1985 58647 US TX
Circus Knights 5th May 1985 58633 US TX

Season 4 Logo.

Title TX Date Story Code Info
Knight of the Juggernaut 20th September 1985 60275 & 60276 US TX
Double-length episode
KITTnap 27th September 1985 60216 US TX
Sky Knight 18th October 1985 60219 US TX
Burial Ground 25th October 1985 60204 US TX
The Wrong Crowd 1st November 1985 60221 US TX
Knight Sting 8th November 1985 60224 US TX
Many Happy Returns 15th November 1985 60203 US TX
Knight Racer 29 November 1985 60222 US TX
Knight Behind Bars 6th December 1985 60202 US TX
Knight Song 13th December 1985 60230 US TX
The Scent of Roses 3rd January 1986 60212 US TX
Killer K.I.T.T. 10th January 1986 60226 US TX
Out of the Woods 17th January 1986 60211 US TX
Deadly Knightshade 24th January 1986 60229 US TX
Redemption of a Champion 31st January 1986 60227 US TX
Knight of a Thousand Devils 7th February 1986 60228 US TX
Hills of Fire 14th February 1986 60220 US TX
Knight Flight to Freedom 21st February 1986 60232 US TX
Fright Knight 7th March 1986 60223 US TX
Knight of the Rising Sun 14th March 1986 60233 US TX
Voo Doo Knight 4th April 1986 60225 US TX

Knight Rider Movie Logo

Title TX Date Story Code Info
Knight Rider 2000 16th May 1991 N/A US TX
TV Movie

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